Best Craft IPA in Maine

We are heading to Maine!

A few months ago the Merry Go Down team set out to find the best IPAs in New England.

We started with New Hampshire and held a blind taste test in November with 15 of the best IPAs from NH.

Now, we are happy to announce that we will be holding our our Best Craft IPA in Maine blind taste test on the evening of January 25th!

The Beers So Far…

Our team has selected the following beers to be candidates (in no specific order):

Help Fill The BEER LIST!!

Please comment with your vote or beer suggestion so we can fill out this list to make sure all the best IPAs in Maine are represented!

Perfect Christmas Gifts for the Wine Lover in your Life

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You have gifted plenty of bottles for the wine enthusiast in your life over the years.  Think outside the bottle this year with our list of wine inspired gifts.

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Wine Inspired Apparel

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A YEAR OF GOOD WINE is like a lively, year-long wine course in a calendar. Adapted from the New York Times bestselling The Wine Bible, with 650,000 copies sold, it features recommendations for the best bottles from around the world, tasting notes, in-the-know wine facts, mouth-watering recipes, and more.

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We hope you found this list to be helpful when searching for the perfect gift for the wine lover on your list this holiday season.  Feel free to comment below with other items you would like to see in future lists.  Happy Shopping!

Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Every Whiskey Lover

The Merry Go Down team loves beer, but we also really love whiskey, scotch and bourbon!

As Christmas Day gets closer we thought it would be fun to provide some gift ideas for people with whiskey and whisky lovers on their shopping list!


Glencairn Whisky Glasses – Set of 4

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Every Craft Beer Lover

Christmas Shopping Time is Here!

Now that we are past Thanksgiving and on to the Christmas season, we figured it would be a good idea to provide some gift ideas for those craft beer lovers in your life.

If you have a craft beer lover on your Christmas list, you probably have already realized it can be hard to find them that special gift that they will really be excited about.  We are here to help with our list of gift ideas that any craft beer fan will absolutely love!


Spiegelau Craft Beer Glasses

Drinking great beer out of the wrong glassware is just a waste of money.  Glassware that has been designed for craft beer, helps bring out the aroma and flavor to maximize enjoyment.  If your craft beer lover is still using old, out-dated, standard pint glasses, then help them out by giving them one of these craft beer glassware sets.

Can Cooler

Hopsulator 3-in-1 Can Cooler and Pint Glass

A major trend in craft beer across the country is 160z cans.  One of many benefits to cans is that they can be taking places not suitable for glass, like the beach, lakes, and pools.  You can help your craft beer lover keep their favorite beer nice cool with one of these insulated metal can coolers.

Growler Cooze

Coolie Junction Growler Cover Coolie

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Brewfest T-Shirt

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Flight Tasting Set

Craft Beer Flight Set

We all love tasting and sampling craft beer so a flight sampling set is a great gift idea.  Now your craft beer lover can try and share many different beers at the same time!

All of these gift ideas are sure to surprise and wow the craft beer lover on Christmas morning.  Trust us, we are craft beer lovers, and all these items are on our wish lists!

Happy shopping and have a great holiday season from the Merry Go Down team!

Do you have other great gift idea suggestion, then please let us know by commenting below!

In Search of the Best Craft IPA in New Hampshire – RESULTS!

Our first New Hampshire craft IPA blind taste test is done and the results have been tabulated!

We took 15 of the best IPAs from New Hampshire, and had 9 local craft beer lovers sample them blind and rank them according to taste.   Each judge was able to sample as much of each beer, as many times as need to determine the final rankings.

Every judge had to order all the beers from 1 to 15, where 1 was the best.  All the rankings were collected and each beer was given a final score by totaling the ranks across the nine judges.

Here are the final results:

  1. Spyglass State Machine with Citra
  2. Litherman’s Misguided Angel
  3. Backyard’s Lazy Daze
  4. Breakaway’s Rise
  5. Kettlehead’s MI6
  6. Deciduous Smiling High
  7. Candia Road’s Tree Streets
  8. Concord Craft’s Safe Space
  9. Garrison City’s Isosceles
  10. Great Rhythm’s Double Squeeze
  11. From The Barrel’s Piipa
  12. Great North’s Tragically Hopped
  13. Rockingham’s Guinea Pig
  14. Stoneface’s Hopulization
  15. Long Blue Cat’s Radioface

Congratulations to Spyglass, Lithermans and Backyard breweries!  

Their beers will be placed into the Best New England IPA contest that we will be conducting sometime in future.

Congratulations to all the breweries that were in our tasting.  You all are continuing to improve and evolve the NH beer scene and we all thank you so much!!

If you favorite New Hampshire IPA did not make the contest or did not place where you feel it deserves, don’t worry, we will be doing this again very soon!

Next up, we will be heading to the great state of Maine to find it’s best IPAs.  We will keep posted!

In Search of the Best Craft IPA in New Hampshire – Final Beer List

Thank you to everyone that commented, emailed, and tweeted nominations for the Best IPA in New Hampshire.  Our team has reviewed all the nominations and based on availability we have selected the following beers to compete in our blind taste test on Nov 16th:

Congratulations to all the breweries that made that list! 

For all the breweries that did not make the cut, don’t worry, we will do this again very soon!

In Search of the Best Craft IPA in New Hampshire…

The Merry Go Down team loves to drink local craft beer and support our local breweries!  Now we are on a quest to find out which New England Breweries are making the best IPAs.

Since we are a New Hampshire based business we figured that we would start the search in the Granite State.  We are planning on holding a blind taste test that will pit 10 very good IPAs against each other.

It will be judged on November 16th by our panel of craft beer experts that have years of experience traveling through New England visiting, buying and drink lots of craft beer.

The winner of the New Hampshire taste test will go up against a yet-to-be-selected set of IPAs from across the rest of New England.

So we need to figure out which New Hampshire IPAs should entered in to the contest.  The Merry Go Down team has selected the following candidates (in no specific order):

Please comment with your vote so we can fill out this list to make sure all the good IPAs in NH are represented!

As the list grows and changes we will update this post.

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