In Search of the Best Craft IPA in New Hampshire – Final Beer List

Thank you to everyone that commented, emailed, and tweeted nominations for the Best IPA in New Hampshire.  Our team has reviewed all the nominations and based on availability we have selected the following beers to compete in our blind taste test on Nov 16th:

Congratulations to all the breweries that made that list! 

For all the breweries that did not make the cut, don’t worry, we will do this again very soon!

In Search of the Best Craft IPA in New Hampshire…

The Merry Go Down team loves to drink local craft beer and support our local breweries!  Now we are on a quest to find out which New England Breweries are making the best IPAs.

Since we are a New Hampshire based business we figured that we would start the search in the Granite State.  We are planning on holding a blind taste test that will pit 10 very good IPAs against each other.

It will be judged on November 16th by our panel of craft beer experts that have years of experience traveling through New England visiting, buying and drink lots of craft beer.

The winner of the New Hampshire taste test will go up against a yet-to-be-selected set of IPAs from across the rest of New England.

So we need to figure out which New Hampshire IPAs should entered in to the contest.  The Merry Go Down team has selected the following candidates (in no specific order):

Please comment with your vote so we can fill out this list to make sure all the good IPAs in NH are represented!

As the list grows and changes we will update this post.

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